Wonderful balance and compositional understanding mark this brand new Spring 2015 release by Kerry Darlington out (amongst many other graphically evident facets), as the widely regarded contemporary fine artist affords us further insight into – and visual evolution of – her much loved trees, as a pleasingly recurrent subject matter.

Duly inspired by Darlington’s enduring passion for beautiful old picture books (Rackham, Dulac and Beardsley were favourites, followed by Pre-Raphaelite painting and Art Nouveau at a later stage of her artistically formative years), the North Walian artisan frequently adopts the aforementioned past masters’ attention to detailing and illustrative narrative to her own bespoke Unique Editions. ‘Sacred Grove’ as seen here (and available to pre-order now) represents one such example; an individually signed, hand embellished and glossed limited edition piece which has already been met with universal acclaim.

Image size – 24″ x 24″

x1 Unique Edition Available


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