Founded in 1991, Iain James quintessential English-made cabinet furniture has developed identifiable collections of timeless reproduction and Art Deco styled furniture. Each piece is created through the selective use of decorative timbers, subtle inlays, crossbandings and careful elegant furniture design. Naturally strong coloured timbers such as Burr Walnut and Mahogany are bleached prior to polishing to achieve a softer, mellow patina to the finish. These important processes ensure the furniture blends favourably into both classical and contemporary settings, complementing the majority of upholstery fabrics and interior décor colour schemes.

The Finish

All products are finished using time honoured traditional hand polishing methods which create a fine patina and depth of colour. The furniture is bleached to help achieve a lighter, softer shade often associated with antiques, before being hand coloured, shaded, distressed and polished.

Understanding Timber

Due to the natural properties of wood, expansion, shrinkage or movement may occur at any time. It’s important to realise that although the timber no longer part of the tree it is always trying to return to its natural shape. Similarly the way the wood would respond to humid and dry environments externally are also relevant to the modern day internal surroundings.

Environmental Care

Iain James chooses and uses the best, and have partnerships with companies and individuals who understand our brand and our aim to create and maintain an outstanding level of quality, creativity and craftsmanship. Thier furniture is built with pride and passion. Iain James is respectful of its environmental responsibilities and is one of the founder members of Woodland Heritage, an organisation with the long term sustainment of woodlands and forests within the United Kingdom at the forefront of its interests. Woodland Heritage is recognised as a unique initiative, which truly unites all tree lovers – a vehicle for wood users and consumers to “put something back” and contribute to the proper management of British Trees.