We are celebrating our 70th year of manufacturing this year! How a small family enterprise developed into one of Europe’s market leaders. Innovation and tradition – himolla stands for both – over a period of many decades! Our dedication has earned us 3 times winner of ‘recliner manufacturer of the year’ by the Interiors Monthly Magazine readers.

Quality from Germany

One thing stays firmly at the focus: YOU. Because your total relaxation is what we aspire to. 70 years of experience in manufacturing upholstered furniture guarantee not only durability and reliability, but also exceptional design quality.


Every fabric has to prove its durability through regular abrasion testing. All grades of leather are tested for colour and abrasion fastness, using intensive abrasion testing.

Continuous testing

Electrical components are tested for extreme operational durability. In practice, this means they must prove their long-term functionality over a days-long period of rigorous, continuous testing. Our seat upholstery is exposed to stringent endurance testing. This involves performing a compression cycle up to 80,000 times using a 75 kg weight. The cushion hardness and height are measured before and after testing.