As a family company, Glatz put their heart, soul and know-how into designing and manufacturing sunshades. It is not surprising that GLATZ AG has a 125-year history – and is one of the leading sunshade manufacturers in Europe and throughout the world. GLATZ develops, manufactures and sells high-quality sunshades and custom-made giant sunshades with matching accessories around the world. We meet the highest standards of our customers for design and user comfort as well as their need for individual and innovative product solutions.


High-quality, reliable and professional. Glatz actively practice their quality standards, which is clearly evident in every aspect of the business. It is obvious in the interactions with staff, in the development of our products and in all the services we provide.

Design & Functionality

GLATZ reconciles modern design with stylish, timeless design. The sunshades are a statement with a high recognition factor. Functionality and ergonomics are part of this design. The exclusive use of high – quality materials underpins their commitment to quality.

Progress & Innovation

Years of experience combined with state-of-the-art technology enable Glatz to create superior sunshade solutions. They continue to set new standards and as an industry trendsetter, we are instrumental in shaping the future.