We all know the importance of getting a good, quality night’s sleep and they say 8 hours a night is the goal, but achieving this amount can sometimes seem impossible.

To add even more pressure, a decent night’s sleep has been said to have numerous benefits such as helping mood regulation, strengthening our immune system, increasing brain activity and even helping us lose weight (I’d swap the gym for my bed any day).

To help reach this eight hour holy grail there’s numerous tips and tricks like getting the right room temperature, using pillow sprays, eye masks and even going on a ‘technology ban’ before bed. However, the key to a better night of sleep could be right under your nose (literally), as one of the most overlooked items when on the quest for kip is your mattress.

Key signs you need a new mattress

  • You wake up aching – this may sound obvious but it’s surprising how many people don’t associate aches and pains with their bed.
  • Your mattress is over eight years old – this is a really important factor to consider.
  • You’re waking up tired – think about how you feel when you wake up. Are you rested and revitalised or drowsy and tired?
  • You sleep better elsewhere – if your sleeping is better at a friends, partners or hotels.

Now it may seem unexciting but investing some budget and time into finding the right mattress is very important. After all, our beds are not only where we sleep but where we eat, relax, watch television and read. If you’re struggling with all the different types of mattresses and can’t tell your memory foam from your open coil, Eyres of Chesterfield are here to help. We have an amazing range of beds online, better yet, you can visit us in store to see our mattress showroom featuring great products from Harrison and Tempur.