Dreaming of a Good Night's Sleep?

We all know the importance of getting a good, quality night’s sleep and they say 8 hours a night is the goal, but achieving this amount can sometimes seem impossible.

To add even more pressure, a decent night’s sleep has been said to have numerous benefits such as helping mood regulation, strengthening our immune system, increasing brain activity and even helping us lose weight (I’d swap the gym for my bed any day).

To help reach this eight hour holy grail there’s numerous tips and tricks like getting the right room temperature, using pillow sprays, eye masks and even going on a ‘technology ban’ before bed. However, the key to a better night of sleep could be right under your nose (literally), as one of the most overlooked items when on the quest for kip is your mattress.

Key signs you need a new mattress

  • You wake up aching – this may sound obvious but it’s surprising how many people don’t associate aches and pains with their bed.
  • Your mattress is over eight years old – this is a really important factor to consider.
  • You’re waking up tired – think about how you feel when you wake up. Are you rested and revitalised or drowsy and tired?
  • You sleep better elsewhere – if your sleeping is better at a friends, partners or hotels.

Now it may seem unexciting but investing some budget and time into finding the right mattress is very important. After all, our beds are not only where we sleep but where we eat, relax, watch television and read. If you’re struggling with all the different types of mattresses and can’t tell your memory foam from your open coil, Eyres of Chesterfield are here to help. We have an amazing range of beds online, better yet, you can visit us in store to see our mattress showroom featuring great products from Harrison and Tempur.

Big Designs For Your Little Ones

This year the Royal Family welcomed a new addition to their family, sending the world into full fledged baby mania! If you’ve recently welcomed a new addition, or will be doing soon, then we’ve got some great tips to make sure your nursery is fit for your little king or queen!

Don’t fail to plan

Firstly it’s super important to plan ahead. Being new parents is an extremely busy time and any way to save space and time is a must. Try and plan the room around a central item like the changing table. Trust us, you’ll want to to be able to easily reach numerous things from this table. Once you have an idea of the layout, do a rehearsal. Can you easily get to the wardrobe from the table? Can you reach the cot from the chair?

Double up

Try and find furniture that is multi-purpose, especially any furniture that doubles up as storage (as I’m sure you’re learning, babies have more clothes than Beyonce on tour). For example, this stunning Boori set of drawers has a removable changing table. You can use doors and walls for storage, shelves can be great for numerous items such as books and ones with hooks are great for hanging clothing.

Don’t forget the ceiling

In the first few months of their lives babies spent the majority of their time laying on their back, make the most of this by creating a stunning ceiling design. This can be done easily by using stick on stars or you could using paint and stencilling to create a mural or image. Use engaging and bright colours where possible to give your little one plenty to focus on.

See our nursery furniture section online, or visit in store to see how we can help you design the perfect space for your little one with our stunning nursery showroom.

Home Sweet Home

You’ve waited months, stalked solicitors, and quite frankly been on a rollercoaster of emotions, but it’s finally here, you own a brand new home! Large or small, flat, apartment, house or bungalow, it’s officially yours and there’s no better feeling.

Now comes the real task, making the place your own. Finding that personal style that shows who you are through your interior. These days we want our decor to tell a story, to demonstrate our character and reflect our own personal style. But what is that style? And how do you find it? If this is something you’re struggling with we’ve got a few tips below to help you transform your new house into your home:

Create a vision

These days, social media, magazines and the web are bursting with amazing home decor imagery. Pinterest and Instagram are great visual platforms and are especially helpful for inspiration as they have a real mixture of interior and furnishing imagery to spark that creative flare. Try creating a Pinterest board for each room so you can see how the pieces work together, or create your own mood boards.

Colour me beautiful

Pick a colour palette! Colour is really important in a home as it evokes a mood and can be a great way of adding character.  Natural tones such as grey, wood, beige and white complement most spaces and using lighter colours are also a great way to create the illusion of space in smaller areas. Or try being a little bolder and add a bright item to make your room really pop! Bright colours are great for showcasing your personality and making a playful and expressive home.

Make a statement

Now you have an idea of the sort of style and colour palette you want, it’s time to add a statement piece into each room. The easiest room to start in is probably the living area. A great way to add a pop of colour and add a statement item is through soft furnishings such as a sofa, chair, or cushions. Fama in particular are well known for bright colours, patterns and interesting shapes. Another way to add a real stand out piece is through artwork, a piece of art can easily and quickly transform a room.

If you want help designing any space in your home, our Interior Design Team are here to work with you on a one-to-one basis to create your dream space.

The Power of Colour

Picking a colour palette can be one of the hardest parts of redesigning or furnishing a room, it can easily make or break a room decor so it’s important to get it right.

Colour also can set the mood of a room, so think about what you would associate with your chosen colour. The psychology behind colours are often used across a variety of areas in particular advertising, and of course interior design. To help you decide, here’s a collection of some of the most popular interior design colours and which moods they evoke.


Bolder and darker versions of this colour are often associated with confidence and trust, which is why it’s the most popular colour for brands to use for logos. These colours are often used for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Lighter shades of blue can create a feeling of serenity and calm. These lighter colours are also a great way to create the illusion of space in smaller areas, ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms.


This colour is one of the most prominent ones for easily evoking a mood. It’s often linked with power, excitement, love and energy. It’s definitely more of a daring choice for interiors. It can be used to create bold rooms with large items such as sofas or a way to add a small pop of colour using accessories or soft furnishings. This colour is ideal for bedrooms and living rooms, but be cautious too much can be distracting so think wisely and plan properly before getting that paint brush out!


Green has a real vast range of shades from pastels, olives, ivy and dark green. This colour is frequently associated with nature, landscapes and the outdoors. It can also create a restorative and tranquil atmosphere, some people have said this is why they often hold actors in ‘green rooms’ before shows as it helps create a tranquil frame of mind. As a result, shades of this colour can be used for almost any room, but they are most popular in living rooms and kitchens.

If you want help designing any space in your home, our Interior Design Team are here to work with you on a one-to-one basis to create your dream space.