This year the Royal Family welcomed a new addition to their family, sending the world into full fledged baby mania! If you’ve recently welcomed a new addition, or will be doing soon, then we’ve got some great tips to make sure your nursery is fit for your little king or queen!

Don’t fail to plan

Firstly it’s super important to plan ahead. Being new parents is an extremely busy time and any way to save space and time is a must. Try and plan the room around a central item like the changing table. Trust us, you’ll want to to be able to easily reach numerous things from this table. Once you have an idea of the layout, do a rehearsal. Can you easily get to the wardrobe from the table? Can you reach the cot from the chair?

Double up

Try and find furniture that is multi-purpose, especially any furniture that doubles up as storage (as I’m sure you’re learning, babies have more clothes than Beyonce on tour). For example, this stunning Boori set of drawers has a removable changing table. You can use doors and walls for storage, shelves can be great for numerous items such as books and ones with hooks are great for hanging clothing.

Don’t forget the ceiling

In the first few months of their lives babies spent the majority of their time laying on their back, make the most of this by creating a stunning ceiling design. This can be done easily by using stick on stars or you could using paint and stencilling to create a mural or image. Use engaging and bright colours where possible to give your little one plenty to focus on.

See our nursery furniture section online, or visit in store to see how we can help you design the perfect space for your little one with our stunning nursery showroom.