Pricing Policy

Eyres of Chesterfield PRICING POLICY

We follow the guidance given in the BIS Pricing Practices guidelines 2010, with updated guidance 2016

Also in conjunction with the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008. 

Previous Price (PP) where shown is where goods have been offered for sale for a period & the dates of the PP will be shown in store. 

After Sale Price where shown will be applied at the end of the Promotion period. Information re the dates will be displayed In store at the time of the promotion & the After Sale Price will apply for a minimum of 28 days after that.

RRP is the Recommended Retail Price.

Comparisons have been made against RRP but this does not imply that we have sold at these prices.

Some On going Promotional models may not be reduced for Sale periods including some of our Top Brands collection. Details available on request.

Updated April 2017