Edge Sculptures

Each sculpt has been originally sculpted from clay, which allows the sculptor to be freer, giving the pieces that dynamic and organic feel, stylised by Edge Sculpture.  The finished clay sculpt 'masters' are then taken to be moulded, and each subsequent piece has been carefully hand cast from this mould using ceramic polystone, which allows for the faithful reproduction of detail and texture applied to the original sculpt.  The finishing touch is the skilful application of hand painting and finishing, which brings the sculpt to life.  The end result is a centre piece and talking point for anyone's living room,

Edge African Elephant
Each bust comes complete with metal stand, or can be hung from the wall. (hanging bracket sold..
Edge Baby Orangutan (Peanuts)
New baby orangutan to stand alone. It is also designed to fit into the arms of the full orangu..
Edge Baby Peanuts and Mum
See individual sculptures. ..
Edge Barn Owl
Height - 38.5 cm Length - 19 cm Depth - 28.5 cm Also Available in: Midnight Blue Emer..
Edge Black Panther
Height 38.5 cm Length 32 cm Depth 28 cm ..
Edge Bull Terrier Red
Height - 49cm Length - 33cm Depth - 49cm Also available in different colours Bull's eye ..
Edge Bulldog bust (White)
Height - 32cm Length - 29cm Depth - 28cm  Available in Smouldering Brown Rust. Bull..
Edge Cat Sculpture White
Cat Sculpture White  Height - 37.5 cm Length - 25 cm Depth - 19.5 cm Also Availabe ..
Edge Chimp Bust
Height - 29.5cm, Length - 30.5cm, Depth - 27.5c       ..
Edge Cleopatra bust Egyptian Blue
Height - 39cm  Length - 47cm Depth - 21cm  Also available in desert finish. ..
Edge Cobra
Height 40 cmm Length 34 cm Depth 29.5 cm Also available in Desert ..
Edge Dragon
Height 20.3 cm Length 30.5 cm Depth 17.1 cm Also available in green ..
Edge Duck Sculpture
Edge Duck Sculpture Height - 36cm, Length - 41cm, Depth - 20cm  ..
Edge Elephant Mocha
Height - 23.5 cm Length - 39.4 cm Depth - 17.8 cm Also available in : Golden White ..
Edge Elf Bust Aqua
Height - 49cm Length - 34cm Depth - 22cm Also available in : Leaf Mistral Iron Pin..
Edge Falcon Bust
Height - 37.5cm Length - 25cm Depth - 19.5cm Also available in golden ..