Frith Sculptures

Frith Baby Elephant
Baby Calf African Elephant  ..
Frith Birds; Kingfisher
Kingfisher by Harriet Dunn H7" X 5.5"W (18 X14cm)   ..
Frith Birds; Red Kite
Red Kite by Harriet Dunn H 10" X 7"W (26 X 19cm)   ..
Frith Bolving Stag
Bolving is an ancient Exmoor name for the roar of the stagsmake in the rutting season.  Further..
Frith Bull
This Impressive sculpture is 14x26x22cm and makes a splendid addition to your home and something tha..
Frith Bull; Highland Bull Calf
Highland Bull Calf H 42 X 6" L (10 X 16cm) Sculpted by Veronica Ballan   ..
Frith Bull; Highland Bull Standing
Highland Bull Standing  H 4" x 7"L (10 X 18cm) Sculpted by Veronica Ballan   ..
Frith Cats; Tilly
Tilly by Paul Jenkins H 6" X 18" L (14 x 45cm) ..
Frith Cats; Willard
Willard by Paul Jenkins  H 6" (16cm)   ..
Frith Deer; Red Deer Stag
New sculpture by Thomas Meadows. 25 x 17cm (10 x 6.5") ..
Frith Donkey
A delightful study of a delightful animal The Donkey  ..
Frith Elephants; Baby (Calf)
Baby (Calf) by Juliet Collins H 4" X 5"L (9 X13cm) ..
Frith Elephants; Mother (Matriarch)
Mother (Matriarch) H 6" X 10"L (15 X 25cm) ..
Frith Fox; Leaping Fox
Leaping Fox by Paul Jenkins H 10" X 9"W (25 X 22cm) ..
Frith Golden Eagle
This magnificent Eagle has been sculpted by expert bird sculpter Harriot Dunn - She has caught its i..
Frith Hares; Hilda Hare
Hilda Hare by Paul Jenkins H 7" X 5"W (18 X 12cm)   ..